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Pastor Marty hosts a daily radio talk show dealing with politics and pop culture called the Afternoon DRIVE. It can be heard Monday - Thursday at 12:05PM & 5:05PM (EST)

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I respect what he has accomplished in business and with his children. I believe him to be NON Politically Correct - Common Sense - America First and SPOT  ON for the Economy, Immigration, and our Security.

Pastor Marty Braemer

Why I Endorsed Donald J Trump

I have been on the Trump Train since the day he announced his intention to run for Republican Presidential Nomination. While many Christians had and still have reservations regarding his past, his positions, and his demeanor ... I reconciled a few things:

1. This nation is NOT center right - it is center left. What does that mean? The type of candidate we would find ideal are not electable. Period.

2. I am voting for a President and NOT a Pastor. It is not the job of a President to right the social ills. That is the great commission of the church!

3. I am through with professional career politicians who patronize conservatives only to serve special interests and donors

4. For a time such as this... we need bold change from an outsider


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Pastor Marty



Pastor Marty Braemer

It's a pop culture - media driven society where FB, Twitter, Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora are where most of the millennials spend their time.

Baby Boomers may still read the newspaper and watch the evening news but Generation Xer's do not.

Even "talk radio" which was cutting edge just a decade or two ago is fading.

Corporate driven news and info outlets from CNN to FoxNews are being squeezed by independents and online start ups. Rush and Hannity are being challenged by Michael Savage and Alex Jones.

Listeners to alternate media are informed - engaged and proactive. Pastor Marty gets and speaks to it. From Religion to Pop Culture to Politics he takes it to the skeptics, the atheists, and the discontented in a style they get!


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