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A Sample of Pastor Marty's Preaching Style

THIS TOO SHALL PASS was written by Pastor Marty following a difficult challenge that most churches and pastors face. It is used in several Christian colleges as a handbook in helping young pastors avoid pitfalls which cause problems and ideas to bring healing when they do happen.

Pastor Marty Braemer

Pastor Marty and Shari make their home in NW Ohio where he serves as the Senior Pastor of the Plain Congregational Church.

CHANGE YOUR MIND is one example of the dozen teaching albums which have been produced featuring Pastor Marty's teachings.

Pastor Marty is a husband, a dad, a preacher, a coach, a writer, a commentator, a communicator, and a humorist. Passionate, Opinionated, and Motivated are the adjectives that would describe the person that is Marty Braemer. A lover of history, biographies, old movies, old music, and new ways of reaching the next generation ... he is not easily defined into a single category. An out spoken defender of Christian doctrine and a political commentator, Pastor Marty advocates strong convictions yet accepts and embraces the need for continued personal growth.


16011 W. Poe Rd - Bowling Green, OH 43402

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Anyone who has been a Christian very long and had any involvement in church knows of someone within their church or a church who has fallen spiritually. We all remember the public scandals of televangelists like Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker, and Ted Haggard. You may even personally know a pastor or church leader who has had his life and ministry ruined over immorality, addiction, or other sinful issue. 

It hurts. You feel lied to and let down. Are they hypocrites? Are they predators preying on naive Christians? Should they be allowed back into ministry? These are a few of the questions that churches and people within the church are wrestling with.

Pastor Marty and his wife have personal experience with experiencing GOD's Grace to Reclaim - Restore and Re-Purpose.

  • If you are a pastor or church leader struggling privately...
  • If you are a pastor or church leader exposed, scorned, and forsaken....
  • If you represent a church dealing with the aftermath of a fallen pastor....

We neither condemn nor condone. We will listen, pray, and offer Biblical guidance for Repentance - Forgiveness - Restoration.

  • Offering Personal Counseling
  • Providing Teaching and Preaching to Help Churches Cope and Heal
  • Laying out strategies to get churches moving forward
  • Assisting the fallen back to a place of purpose

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Pastor Marty Braemer